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TheseAbilities Foundation champions the rights of individuals with disabilities. 

Our mission is to weave inclusion and accessibility into the fabric of society. Instead of seeing disability as an outlier, we believe it's an integral part of the human experience.

Whether it's through aging or unforeseen circumstances, disability touches us all at some point.

By fostering a person-centered approach, we're inviting everyone—families, workplaces, religious institutions, and more—to join us in reshaping our environments.

Let's make inclusivity the norm, sparking shifts in attitudes, actions, and community spaces.

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TheseAbilities Foundation began its journey in 2013 and was relaunched in 2017. Our mission is clear: to advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities in our society, focusing on inclusion and accessibility.

We believe that disability is something that touches us all at some point in life, whether through aging, illness, or accident. Therefore, we work to make disability a normal part of everyday life, encouraging everyone—individuals, families, workplaces, religious institutions, and both private and public sector organizations—to join us in creating more inclusive spaces.

Our efforts extend beyond just conversations. We offer training and development programs designed to promote inclusion and accessibility in communities, workplaces, and homes. We organize career fairs and provide employability skill-readiness services to individuals with disabilities, preparing them for success in diverse work environments.

Additionally, we collaborate with companies to help them develop policies that prioritize inclusion and accessibility.

Who do we serve? Public and private sector organizations, community development groups focusing on disability issues, associations representing individuals with disabilities, and families of individuals with disabilities.

How do we serve them? Through a person-centered approach, we work collaboratively to develop tailored interventions that help all stakeholders achieve their goals, resulting in mutually beneficial partnerships.

What do we do?

We conduct training and development programmes that promote inclusion and accessibility in communities, workplaces and homes.

We organise career fairs as well as offer employability skill-readiness services to qualified persons with disabilities, in preparation for the dynamic work environment.

We assist companies develop policies on inclusion and accessibility.

Our Mission

We create environments that promote inclusion for improved societal integration through a person-centred approach through partnerships and collaboration.

We create environments that promote inclusion for improved societal integration through a person-centred approach through partnerships and collaboration.

Our Vision

To accelerate accessibility for and the inclusion of persons with disabilities in communities.

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Whether it's a friend, family member, or colleague facing unique challenges due to disability, refer them to TheseAbilities.

 Together, we can extend a helping hand and make a positive difference in their lives.
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About the Founder
Adeboyejo Abioye was not born with a disability. However, he quickly overcame the disability and the emotional, mental and physical limitations, describing it as a mind thing. #itsamindthing.

Himself being an example of abilities in disability, he coined Theseabilities as the name of the organization he founded to advance the cause of inclusion for persons with disabilities.

The former bank professional and HR consultant devoted his time, resources, and lifetime to promoting and enhancing the dignity of persons with disabilities.

This, he demonstrated with great passion contributing to the signing into law, the Lagos State Special Peoples' Law, the passage of the then bill on support for persons with disabilities in Nigeria

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The Founder at CIPM Building at Ikeja
Our flagship

Activities of the Foundation to galvanise the interest of stakeholders towards addressing the plights of persons with disabilities, in terms of integrating them properly into the society.

At TheseAbilities, we believe in the power of inclusion and empowerment. Our flagship initiative, TheseAbilities Amindthing, is a human resource and capacity-building organization designed to expand job opportunities for professionals with disabilities.

We provide comprehensive training and support to equip them with the necessary attitude and life skills to excel in their chosen roles.

Join us in our mission to empower abilities and transform lives. Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable society for all.

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Pushing For The Nigeria Disability Rights Bill To Become Law

In Nigeria today, there are more than twenty-five million people living with disabilities. At TheseAbilities Foundation, we focus on bringing together different groups of people to help those with disabilities in our society.

We want to make sure they are included and treated fairly. Our main goal is to create the same opportunities for everyone, including those with disabilities. We work with many different people and organizations to make this happen. We team up with companies to help people with disabilities find jobs.

We also give them the skills and confidence they need to do well in these jobs. Our events, like job fairs and networking sessions, help connect people with disabilities to job opportunities. In the government, we partner with officials at both state and federal levels.

Together, we talk about laws and policies that can make life better for people with disabilities. For example, in Lagos State, we helped create a law called the 'Special Peoples' law and set up an office called LASODA to help people with disabilities. We're also pushing for the Nigeria Disability Rights Bill to become law as soon as possible.

We're thankful for the chance to work with others on important projects like the Financial Inclusion Strategy through the Central Bank of Nigeria. We believe that by working together with other groups that care about people with disabilities, we can make a big difference in their lives.

Collaboration is key, and we're always ready to join forces with other organizations who share our goals.

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